Welcome to the world of MIEKO SHIMIZU: Dysfunctional, Quirky, Wonderful.

RADICAL, nonconformist, Japanese singer and multi-instrumentalist MIEKO SHIMIZU has re-released her offbeat, unworldly, ‘My Tentacles’ (Street Furniture Records.)

The album, a breathtaking collection of songs bristling with quirky, dysfunctional beats and chimeric fusions, also features themesmeric standout track, ‘Think Like a Swarm,’ reminiscent of Laurie Anderson’s art meets outsider pop music sensibilities.

“’Emergence,’ the book by Steve Johnson, fascinated me,” she said.

“A colony of ants, a sprawling metropolis, human brain cells, they are all features of the unknown science of self-organisation. I wanted to cut down into society and sing a simple song about people, single cells.  It interconnects with the multitude and conjures up a whole that is wiser together than we are individually. When my tentacles reach out and touch you, communicate with you, then we become something else, something more than just an individual.”

Shimizu has played at Sonar, alongside Kraftwerk, as well as support for Goldfrapp and Massive Attack at their Melt Down Festival, and written scores for the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra.

CONNECT WITH MIEKO: Mieko Shimizu – Home (stackstaging.com)

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