Former Guardian Media Group editor and broadcast journalist.

What happened to music journalism? When did it all become so arse-kissingly sycophantic? Where’s the bile, the passion, the honesty? Listen, not every piece of music out there is a ‘banger.’ It’s impossible. Somebody, somewhere is making music that ought to be taken into the woods, smashed into a million pieces, set on fire and buried in a deep, deep hole, never to be mentioned again.

What was it Brett Anderson said? “Any artist who enters into the arena of public assessment waives their right to be upset if someone doesn’t like their work.” And he’s right.

I’ll always say what I think and that won’t please everyone, but as John Lennon once remarked, “Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it’ll always get you the right ones.”

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“Stoked to be included in your site! Checked it out and it looks awesome.”

(Cheyenne Marrs. Memphis, April 2024)

“You are brutally honest in your opinions, and that scares me a little bit.”

(Anon, by request. March 2024)

“Your support of new and independent music is very valuable.”

(Lou Duffy-Howard: Red Guitars/Agent Starling/Loudhailer Electric Company. February 2024)

Mike, I have to salute your integrity.”

(Jim Jones, Sept 2023)

“Love the site by the way.”

(Keith Mullin, The Farm, Nov 2023)

“Brilliant Mike. Laffed til I pissed my pants.”

(Mal Hallett, ‘Transvision Vamp’ and ‘Rotten Hill Gang,’ December 2023)

“I appreciate your hard work in keeping traditional music journalism alive.”

(Beth, ‘Won’t Say Rabbit,’ Oct 2023)

“Every post by a writer like you is so much appreciated.”

(Nick, Beat Filter PR, Oct 2023)

“We’re not looking for sycophantic coverage, so you seem like the right person to write to.”

(Tim, ‘The Way After,’ Oct 2023)

“We really appreciate what you do.”

(Rafa Skam, ‘Yellow Melodies,’ Dec 2023)

“I like your writing style, flows and packs a punch.”

(Paul Bedford, Founder, ‘Kick Down The Doors’ Promotion & PR, Nov 2023)

“I really really appreciate the feature pal. You’ve made my day.”

(Kenny, ‘The Santos Connection,’ Dec 2023)

 “I love the fact you review honestly.” 

(Mark Heffernan, ‘Pocket Lint,’ Dec 2023)

“Thank you for all you do for independent journalism & music!”

(John, ‘Voodoo Planet,’ Jan 2024)

“Thanks so much for supporting.”

(‘Aerial Salad,’ Jan 2024)