AMERICAN born, London-based Erin K’s new album ‘Sink to Swim’ finally gets it long-awaited release today.

With a growing audience of over three million streams on Spotify, following the fruitful collaboration on 2019s ‘I Need Sound,’ Erin Kleh has continued her work with co-producer Kristofer Harris (Belle & Sebastian, Ghostpoet) recording the record at his Squarehead Studios in Kent.

“If I were to find a consistent theme throughout most of these songs, I would say many of them touch on dreaming or hoping for some place better,” she said. “They are about making changes and taking risks, hence the title.”

For example, the opening track ‘Sink to Swim,’ gives the album its title.

“It’s one of my favourite songs from this group of recordings,” adds Erin. “It traces a selection of moments spanning from my childhood, transitioning to London, coming of age and finally, into this moment, on stage performing the song.”

‘Sink to Swim’ Is now available on vinyl LP, CD and gets its digital release on 25th August 2023.

Erin K online: Erin K.

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