THE PERSONAL VANITY PROJECT: A thunderous mix of Suicide, Stereolab, Sonic Youth and shoegaze

FALLING somewhere between My Bloody Valentine’s sonic mastery, Duster’s expansive wistfulness and J Mascis’ fuzzed-out amp worship, THE PERSONAL VANITY PROJECT today release ‘Callan,’ the first single taken from May’s eponymous debut album.

Combining a love of Suicide, Stereolab, Sonic Youth and shoegaze, The Personal Vanity Project effortlessly produce a blur of psychedelia-infused indie rock.

“‘Callan’ is about the misgivings older generations have about the younger, with the first verse being from the younger perspective and the second from the older,” said frontman, Chris Quigley.

“The perspectives feel a bit interchangeable, which is kind of the point. There’s a tendency to worry about little things, individual moments, when there’s probably bigger things to deal with. The chorus is first person nonsense. It’s muddled, agreeing to do something it had no intention of ever doing. Classic teenager.

“The song’s name comes from a lake by the village where I grew up, which was a common drinking spot for young people, especially the abandoned house. Legend has it the butler of the abandoned house went on a bender, neglecting to feed the dogs kept on the land. When he returned, he was devoured by the dogs.”

Joining Quigley in the band are, Brendan McInerney (drums/vocals), and James Reidy (keys).

The forthcoming album was produced by Chris Ryan (Robocobra Quartet/Just Mustard/NewDad) and mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service.

Catch THE PVP live:

May 24th       Limerick, Pharmacia

May 25th       Cork (tbc)

May 27th       Dublin, Anseo

June 1st        Kerry, K-Fest

June 7th        Dundalk

June 8th        Belfast (tbc)

June 9th        Clonakilty (tbc)

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