SPAWNED in a Philadelphia basement in 2011 as a lo-fi noise pop project by Chris Cordaro, tiny moon have since established themselves as a tight songwriting outfit featuring cool riffs, catchy melodies, and a burgeoning reputation as one of the hardest working live bands in town.

And today sees the release of their latest EP, ‘anthracite.’

Their songs are loud and sardonic, but also witty and relatable. Born out of Philly’s gritty, influential punk scene and raised in the world-famous indie dives of Brooklyn and Queens, tiny moon boasts over a decade of music – their reputation growing with each well-received release.

“The ‘anthracite’ EP is five tracks, sort of twangy with some alt-country influences but still true to the tiny moon sound,” said Cordaro.

“It was inspired by, and recorded in, my hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Post-industrial America reckoning with a slow and rusty decline, and as with all ‘tiny moon’ records there are riffs aplenty, as well as a healthy dose of goofiness on this one.

“The current live lineup is me on drums and vocals, Andrew Miele on guitar and Matt Brazil on bass, but on the records it’s all me though. I guess I took the ‘DIY’ thing pretty literally.”

You can thank me later, but if you’ve been tryin’ for homemade soups, I’d suggest clicking on one of the following links:

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