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OUT now via faction Records, the new single from SORCHA RICHARDSON, ‘Map of Manhattan.’

The evocative track presents a poignant exploration of the complexities within relationships, examining their anxieties and intense emotions.

“The song began as a quick demo recorded in New York on a day off on tour in March,” she said. “And it came together over a few days in Belfast this summer, it was one of those songs that sort of appeared almost fully formed from the start. 

“It’s about second guessing yourself, or someone else, in a relationship, and how the intensities and fears of that relationship play out over a single night. It’s sort of about bracing for heartbreak, not because you think it’s coming, but because it’s the thing you fear the most.”

The release marks a significant moment in Richardson’s career as she prepares to make her solo debut at Dublin’s National Concert Hall on 29th November 29th as part of her U.S. and Irish tour.

Her debut album, ‘First Prize Bravery,’ released in November 2019, received critical acclaim from The Irish Times and The Guardian, and was also nominated for the RTÉ Choice Music Prize for Irish album of the year.

In 2022 she released the ‘Smiling Like An Idiot’ album. Crafted during the Covid-19 pandemic, it was written and recorded in her late grandparents’ house, where the living room transformed into an impromptu studio.

Richardson worked alone, followed by a month-long series of daily Zoom sessions.

“It mostly tracks one specific relationship,” she added. “It’s about falling in love with a person and a place, which in this case is Dublin, and how those two are interlinked.”

Connect with Sorcha online: Sorcha Richardson | Linktree

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