SNUBA: The cream of British quirky indie pop

OUT now from Hamburg-based, British quirky indie pop duo SNUBA, debut single ‘(I’m not a) Cool Girl,’ taken from the ‘Have My Head’ EP – via indie label DHM, distributed by Label Worx.

Comprising Scottish singer/songwriter Annie Higham, and English instrumentalist/producer Asa Clough-Howard, SNUBA are musical magpies, taking influences from artists including Baby Queen, the National, FINNEAS and Dodie. 

“I started writing and recording a lot of songs during lockdown when I was living at home, doing online uni, and had a lot of time on my hands,” explains Higham. “I started using Ableton and being able to record stuff in midi was totally transformative because it gave me total control without having to be limited to my own skills on guitar and piano.

“Asa had already been making his own music, so it felt like a natural next step to try and collaborate on something. I gave him a bunch of demos which he produced and added instrumentation to. The only track on the EP that was made differently than that is ‘Flowers’ which we developed together from an instrumental line he had made. We’ve already started working on music for our next project and I would also love to play some of the songs live in whatever capacity we can because they’ve always been very digital. 

“The songs were all written in a four-month period when my life was going through a lot of changes, so they chart my move to Hamburg, as well as my graduation and the first time we got to hang out with some friends since lockdown had begun. We spent about a year and a half working on them on and off, so they really function as a time capsule for me now.”

Recorded in Hamburg, ‘Have My Head’ contains the big feelings of moving countries, missing friends, and trying to figure out your brain. Be cool and listen to it.

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