She’s pretty as a daisy, but she sure ain’t crazy: ‘Poison Ivy Where Did You Go?’

IF Elvis is the king, Ivy is most certainly the Queen.

Stiff Little Fingers sticksman Steve Grantley is back with a new band, ‘Steve Grantley & the Zed Hedz,’ featuring Steve (drums/vocs), John Magner (guitar), and Jamie Alleyne (bass).

And their debut EP ‘Poison Ivy Where Did You Go?’  – dedicated to The Cramps guitar player on her 70th birthday – is now available on CD and via the usual streaming services.

“We consider Poison Ivy to be a true feminist rock and roll icon who has been criminally overlooked,” said Grantley.

“She co-founded the band, co-wrote their original material, played all the guitars and on numerous occasions, the bass as well. Ivy produced many of the band’s records and it was all achieved whilst looking like a rock and roll Goddess both on and off the stage.” 

After the death in 2009 of Lux Interior her bandmate and husband of thirty-seven years, Poison Ivy retired from public life and has not performed or recorded since, and while the band in no wish to disrupt or disrespect her wishes to be left alone, Grantley added, “This EP is a shout-out to Poison Ivy just to let her know we miss her and wish her well, it’s just a note to say thank you for the inspiration and Poison Ivy, we miss you.” 

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