DANISH artist Sara Lew’s new single ‘Shady Light’ is set to shine on the earth’s surface with its release today, as a precursor to her upcoming album ‘LOUD’, due Autumn 2023.

‘Shady Light’ is a beautiful, dreamy, delicate indie ballad, about standing together in a relationship, learning from each other, sharing with each other, and continuing to do so even though life rushes along at breakneck speed.

“It’s about standing together in a relationship, even in a heavy storm when everything else is falling apart around you,” explains Sara. “I wrote the song after a long summer holiday where there was finally some peace, after a long and intense period.”

“It’s about daring to experiment and be vulnerable and stand on new land together. And though there still must be food on the table and the family must endure, to have the ability to seek refuge together in the very close moments, in love, in moments and special spaces of timeless being, where everything else is suspended.”

Sara Lew’s upcoming album ‘LOUD’ is based around the development of life, when young people become adults and experience personal confrontations with the past. It explores how to rein in anger and grief, to keep your head above water and be a role model for your own children when life all falls apart and how to protect love and togetherness when everyday life rolls on. It’s an album about living in the present moment with love for life’s stories, memories, moments of happiness but also life’s unforeseen trip wires.

Born and raised in Roskilde with an English mother and Danish father, Sara Lewis Sørensen aka Sara Lew now lives in Copenhagen. She was trained as an electric guitarist at the Rhythmic Music conservatorium in Copenhagen, and throughout her career has developed herself within jazz and improvisational music, and through singer-songwriter, alternative rock, and indie-folk-rock music.

The music is played and arranged by Sara Lew (vocals and guitars), Anders Filipsen (keyboards/synth) and Jeppe Gram (drums). The track was recorded by, and in collaboration with, sound and studio engineers Troels Bech Jessen and Casper Nyvang Rask, produced by Sara Lew, mixed and co-produced by Nis Bysted (Iceage & Choir of Young Believers), and mastered by Emil Thomsen.

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