REEVAH’s deep, simple message.

INDIE-POP artist REEVAH – aka Aoife Boyle – returns with her latest single ‘Golden‘, the final release from her debut album, ‘Daylight Savings.’

“The aim for this video was to portray the people, places and spaces in my life that mean the most, there are a few missing,” she explained.  “We wanted to capture real, emotive interactions through a series of conversations about life, first meetings and fond memories together.”

The track delves into life’s highs and lows, with a bold yet reflective message – our time here is delicate and fleeting. 

“’Golden’ is about appreciating life and the beauty of what surrounds us,” adds Boyle. “This track is about taking a step back to observe and feel the golden moments in whatever way that may look for you. Appreciating your family, friends, nature, a moment to yourself. ‘Golden’ is a set of contradictions met with a moment of realisation. The opening line of the track refers to us as humans and how we rationalise and process the world, life, and the inevitability of it all.

“I wrote it in July 2022 on a warm Irish summer evening. It came about after a challenging time. The air was warm, the sun was setting in the sky and as the lyrics state, ‘the sky had painted a masterpiece.’ I observed the kids playing and laughing in the garden, and in that moment, life felt light and perfect. That was my Golden moment of appreciation, realisation with a true sense of calm and peace.”

Her previous single, ‘Call Me Up,’ was featured in E4’s ‘Made in Chelsea,’ Channel 5’s ‘Harry Wild’ and Sky Atlantic’s, ‘The Lovers.’

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