POUR ANOTHER? Yes…but always listen to your mother. DARTS (US) return with cautionary tale

ONE of the hardest-working bands on the planet, the Farfisa driven, West Coast garage rockers DARTS (US) are back with a new single, ‘Pour Another,’ the first track taken from their forthcoming ‘Boomerang’ album, released April 26 via Alternative Tentacles Records.

But if you’re expecting another cliched anthem in celebration of rock and roll excesses – you’re way off target.

“‘Pour Another’ is very much not a drinking song for me personally, but it is for the rest of the world, you take from it what you want I suppose,” said band founder, lead singer, songwriter, and Farfisa maestro, Nicole Laurenne.

“Actually, it’s a playful examination of why we drink, why we think we need it, why we keep going back to it, why we let it ruin us.

“I wrote it originally as a whole different song, different lyrics, different chorus, in fact the band initially rejected it, but then as I stopped drinking and decided I wanted to examine that whole phenomenon, it morphed into what it is. And now it’s one of the band’s favourite songs on the record – funny how that happens.

“I gave up alcohol right before the pandemic, for health reasons. So, I had lots of downtime to think about that decision and work on a lot of other things about myself. Meanwhile, I watched a lot of people around me understandably going the other direction, taking a deep dive into alcohol, food, social media, anything that would help them deal with the new loneliness and confusion.

“When the lockdown lifted and the band was back on the road, my decision to not drink became especially challenging and I was constantly having to remind myself why I made that choice, and constantly having to explain it to well-meaning people at the clubs who just didn’t get it. So, I wrote this song to help remember all the lame reasons I used to drink. And maybe to help remind us all that sometimes, maybe we should listen to our mothers.”

Joining Laurenne in the band are: Mary Rose Gonzales (drums, percussion), Christina Nunez (bass, backing vocals), and Meliza Jackson (guitars).

‘Pour Another’ – audio production by Mark Rains, Station House Studio for Alternative Tentacles Records. Mastering by Anne-Marie Suernam.

Video production by Matt Eskew, Generation X-Ray.

Filmed at Slim’s Last Chance (Seattle WA), Freakout Fest 2023 (Seattle WA), and The Paramount (Los Angeles).

For news of DARTS (US) European tour, and to pre-order ‘BOOMERANG,’ click here:  Link tree

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