FROM one of the albums of the year, ‘Connected to the Real,’ Portlaoise-based THE LOST MESSIAHS today release their new single, ‘Radiance of the Moon.’

Shimmering guitars combine with steadfast vocals to create an eerie soundscape, the wistful, heartfelt lyrics tell a love story, the accompanying video features radiant vignettes in haunting slow-motion, the scenes glow with incandescent colours, and it’s as close to a modern era ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ as there will ever be.

“As a band, we discussed releasing ‘Radiance of the Moon’ and we all thought it would be a great single as it was going down brilliantly at our gigs,” explained songwriter and guitarist, Ollie Plunkett.

“We decided to add some additional elements to the track and to get it remixed and asked our good friend and award-winning producer Chris O’Brien from ‘The Production Suite’ to do the honours.

“With regard to the video, we wanted to create a cool chilled vibe that would work with the song and so the scenes are deliberately slow-moving, it all expresses the joy and feeling of gratitude to have met one’s soulmate, and the sense of wonder and magic each new day reveals.”

The album ‘Connected to the Real’ is breathtaking in its beauty, diversity, it’s magical, hypnotic, and spellbinding, a combination you don’t experience more than one or twice in a lifetime. There is a spiritual connection in The Lost Messiahs music, from collaborations with monks to exploring the inner workings of the mind and the search for meaning. Rich production, meticulous songwriting, textured, atmospheric landscapes, life affirming.

Their songs deserve a mighty, worldwide audience. ‘Connected to the Real’ may well provide them with the fan base they richly deserve.

“Why haven’t people heard the band before? Well, we try our best to get our music out there, we have released three albums with a fourth maturing in the studio and have produced cool videos to support them, so we keep trying,” adds Plunkett.

Compared to like of Mercury Rev, War on Drugs and The National, The Lost Messiahs was formed by Plunkett and includes James O’ Connor (vocals/acoustic guitar), Eamonn Duff (bass), and Martha Cummins (drums).

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