Petrol fire intensity & melancholic modern prose. MARTIAL ARTS release sublime debut single

PETROL FIRE intensity, melancholic modern prose torn from Fontaines DC’s copybook, and the studied erraticism of Shame provide the blueprint for South Manchester-based abstract punk five-piece MARTIAL ARTS who have just released debut single, ‘Warsaw,’ a song which packs angst and art into precision-cut convergences of razored riffs and fleeting oceanic harmonies.

“The song was written resisting over analysis to grasp a more genuine and unaltered end result,” said lead singer, Jim Marson.

“It’s only possible while momentarily freeing ourselves of doubt. Our frustrations come from how our generation is force-fed certain ideas and at the same time, that feeling being so hard to validate. We’re not in a bad position and it could be worse, but everyone is entitled to experience good and bad days.”

A number of dates have been confirmed to coincide with release of ‘Warsaw,’ with others due to be announced shortly.

March 2nd: Manchester, SOUP

March 9th: London, Jaguar Shoes (w/ Permanent Creeps)

March 14th: Sheffield, The Washington (w/Jarred Up)

March 22nd:   Manchester, Big Hands (w/Sour Grapes)

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(Band photo (c) Richard Kelly)

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