LONDON PEAKY invites a different musician each week to select the one album that would accompany them to their desert island.

This week, please welcome Pepe And The Bandits ( @jozefthemad )

“SQUEEZE GREATEST HITS would be my album I take on any desert island with me.

The beauty of Squeeze is people say, “Oh, I don’t know them,” and then you can play them a few tracks and they will then always say, “Oh I didn’t realise who that was,” as they will remember every track.

From the first song, ‘Take Me I’m Yours’ – released in 1977 believe it or not – to the final track ‘Hourglass’ released 10 years later in 1987, there’s not a bad tune on the album.

The Lyrically brilliant ‘Labelled With Love’ will always be one of my favourite records of all time, that melancholy country vibe works for me.

It’s a musical journey over many years and if it’s ‘Cool for Cats’ – it’s cool for Pepe.”

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