EDD DONOVAN’S latest album, ‘Anchovy,’ gets its release today and further demonstrates his acute musical mind, along with observations on the fragility of our planet, the need for psychological renewal, and the preciousness of protest and egalitarianism.

Finding inspiration from Cornish beaches, the rise of feminism and the failures of our civilisation, much of the album was developed during pandemic-era restrictions, recorded with his band The Wandering Moles and co-produced with drummer, Paul Arthurs. 

The album’s title track ‘Anchovy’ is an ode to marine ecosystems, ‘Unspoken Heroes’ is a dedication to NHS staff, with ‘God Be With You’ pointing towards the destruction of the natural world.

“’Anchovy’ encapsulates the enormity of the ocean and the beauty therein, it represents the fragility of our marine ecosystems,” explained Donovan. “The middle part of the song represents man’s attempt to conquer that world, using sounds that give a sense of the old creaking, wind powered vessels.

“’Unspoken Heroes’ was inspired by a Katie Serena article which I came across whilst researching material for a song competition. The specifics of the song had to contain, or reference, ‘triumph and disaster’ and the article provided the initial spark, and although I never entered the competition, the song remains and is dedicated to NHS staff.”

Further details from Edd Donovan and The Wandering Moles

Produced and engineered by Edd Donovan and Paul Arthurs
Mixed by Paul Arthurs
Additional engineering and mixing by Louie Arthurs
Sound design on Anchovy by Louie Arthurs
Mastered by Louie Arthurs
Recorded at Twitchen Cottage and Cygnet Studios
Mixed and mastered at Cygnet Studios
Cover art by Round Circle Design Ltd

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