FORMER Wicked Whispers frontman, singer-songwriter MICHAEL ROBERT MURPHY today releases his latest single, ‘Bad Apples,’ ahead of next month’s ‘Metamorph’ redux edition EP.

Michael’s journey has been one of intrigue, cut from the same Merseyside cloth as The Coral, The Stands, and The Zutons, his writing and fronting of The Wicked Whispers took his music to audiences across the UK and Europe, but now comes a change in the wind.

And his latest release, is an acerbic, heartfelt, deeply personal song.

“’Bad Apples’, unusually for me came, from an angry place,” he explained.

“Written, recorded and quickly mixed a decade ago locked in my Liverpool dockland apartment in my studio room set up, I was on a roll demoing fully constructed tracks on a tiny portable four-track recorder and quickly burning everything onto a CD before I thought too much about it, and then it was passed to my band, ‘The Wicked Whispers,’ to learn.  

“The song came from someone who was a close person in my life who was revealed to be poisonous and trying to get the better of me and those who meant the most to me. ‘Bad Apples’ felt like a way of pointing this out to them musically wishing they’d change their ways. People like that don’t realise the complexity and tapestry that can be affected by their actions.  

“It also came from me being obsessed with Neil Young, The Zombies, Cream and David Crosby. I wanted to write a ‘smash grab, two-minute pop rock psych tune,’ and was so happy with it, but when we tried to recreate it with The Wicked Whispers it never worked.”

Although written pre-Covid, Michael’s new material which was the framework for a solo project, remains compellingly relevant, a process concerned with following the songs, captured in their rawest form, from early demo’s to the studio.

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