WHEN I was first asked to choose one album I could take with me to a desert island, I thought: “My god! Where do I begin?!!” I thought I’d go off piste and pick a comedy album. It would be Derek & Clive Ad Nauseam. I can listen to it over and over.

But maybe that’s cheating. I need to choose a music album!

I was brought up listening to Dire Straits and Eric Clapton. These guys are still big favourites of mine. I’m a big Sting fan too. But I want to think of something a bit different. I like a lot of individual songs. But that won’t do either. Panic by The Smiths. It means a lot to me & Merete, my fiancé.

I think I’m going to go with the album Ten, by Pearl Jam.

It’s got everything. Some heavy, rocky, moody songs like Once, and Jeremy. It also has some lovely melancholic numbers like Oceans and Black. Black is one of my favourite songs to play, and to listen to. AND, it’s their debut album, released on August 27th, 1991.

What a debut album. They absolutely burst onto the music scene with Ten. Screaming that they’d arrived. If I ever met them (stranger things have happened!), I would thank them for making this record. Eddie Vedder’s vocals are unique, and he and the other guys are hugely talented. Mike McReady’s guitar playing is brilliant. In a world full of pretty messy ‘grunge’ guitarists, he’s refreshingly thoughtful and tasty.

So, that’s my dessert island disc. Thanks for taking the time to read my contribution to the blog, and I hope you’re all OK.

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