FROM Manchester’s song-writing duo LOSSLINE (Jack Williamson and Adam Potts) comes yet another of their meticulously crafted, elegant songs, ‘Date Night.’

Last year’s ‘Death Masks’ was described as a “fucking masterpiece” by LondonPeaky. But was that the real, true sound of Lossline, or does the new release offer a clearer representation?

“That’s a really good question,” answered Williamson.

“I think it’s probably harder to define than that and it seems to be constantly changing. We started off with our sound being very heavy on the reverb, harmonies, and space within tracks, but we’ve got a much fuller sound. I think one thing that is consistent is the focus on melody and emotion.”

The new single has a welcome, prime, Gene, shoegaze vibe, and an imperious ‘Thus Love’-esque guitar lick. It’s a mature, confidant, sound, the sound of a duo at ease with themselves both musically and artistically. And rightly so, for they’ve presented us with yet another, ‘wonder-song.’

“’Date Night’ is one of those songs that was made of things we had half formed, and which came together almost by accident,” added Potts.

“Often, it’s better to let people decide what songs mean to them, but this song is a bit of a narrative one so maybe it’s ok to talk about it. It’s a vague and blurry tale of a wild night, where things get out of your control and you just go with the flow, but as the night draws on you start to reflect and wonder if you’ve done something wrong and spiral in to guilt.

“As all songs there’s a hint of personal truth to it, but the actual events are composite. The first verses are about gigs I went to in 2022. My friend is a massive metal head, and I went along to some really heavy gigs with him. It was an odd experience and I felt out of place like I didn’t quite belong which reads into the lyrics.

“The second half is more about the feeling described above, but the idea of a cowboy hat flying through the air is an ode to a CMAT gig I went to where a lot of the crowd had cowboy hats on, a funny image that the last you saw of your partner was their hat flying through the air.”

‘Date Night.’ It’s life affirming, it’s invigorating, and in Lossline we have a hugely precocious talent we should all cherish.

And yes, it’s another masterpiece.

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Date Night by Lossline (songwhip.com)

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