Liverpool’s YOBS tease May album with CYANIDE

LIVERPOOL four-piece YOBS have just dropped another trademark ripper from forthcoming self-titled debut album, due May 3rd (Fuzz Club Records).

The band deal in hard-edged, primitive garage-punk salvos, abrasive rock ‘n’ roll that bludgeons and rattles your speakers as much as your bones.

‘Cyanide’ is a song Ali [bassist Alex Smith] wrote the music for and I wrote the lyrics to, back when we had a short-lived band called Teenage Crimewave,” explained frontman, Joey Ackland.

“Lyric-wise I had just read an article on the scientist, Alan Turing. For those who don’t know, Turing was a scientist and mathematician, credited for being the father of AI, and who happened to be gay. It was illegal back then and he was ordered by the court to undergo chemical castration injections to lower his libido.

“He ended up taking his life by poisoning himself with cyanide. The song comes from the angle of one of the angry mob who stalked him, and stopped him living a normal life.”

Emerging from the rubble of now-defunct Liverpool bands Weird Sex, and Ohmns, YOBS is made up of Ackland, Smith, Michael Quinlan (guitar/vocals) and George Gebbie (drums).

YOBS live:

April 19         Liverpool (Quarry)

May 3-4        Eindhoven (Fuzz Club Festival)

June 22        Southampton (Heartbreakers)

YOBS online:  Music | YOBS (

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