LONDON-based producer ‘MUCA’ (Murillo Sguillaro) today releases new single, ‘Like This Before’, a blissful collaboration with acclaimed singer Celeste Caramanna, and his second track featuring legendary Brazilian Bossa Nova guitarist, Roberto Menescal.

‘Like This Before’ has a modern and lively approach that pays homage to its Brazilian roots and the Bossa Nova style. The combination of the infamous acoustic guitar style of one of the only remaining living legends and pioneers of Bossa Nova, Menescal along with Caramanna’s soft and sumptuous vocals highlights how a sixty-year-old genre remains special and still resonates with both old and young minds.

Muca flew to Rio to record the track with Menescal and once the recordings were complete, chose Caramanna as the vocalist having once seen her perform in London.

“It’s simply amazing, unbelievable, because Roberto Menescal is a reference for everyone, he’s a piece of history, and I feel a lot of respect, admiration and gratefulness for what he’s done,” she said.

“He’s part of something that became very important in my life, it’s incredible for me to think of myself working with him, I couldn’t ever have expected that to happen one day.”

With the new single, MUCA also announces his most exciting project to date, an album created with Menescal and emerging singers from around the world, whose aim is to refresh Bossa Nova with new energy and perspectives, creating a legacy for the next generations of musicians.

Returning to the experience of recording with Menescal and what comes next, Muca said: “These couple of tracks I recorded were a game changer for me, and the experience of recording with Menescal was one of the strongest music experiences I’ve ever had. And because of that, I couldn’t stop thinking of inviting him to record an album together, which he not only accepted but said he was happy to do so. I can’t believe that it is happening.”

MUCA online: About | Muca Music

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