Lavish, seductive, pomp-goth. It can only be SOHODOLLS

OUT today from SOHODOLLS ‘What Kinda Love’ (Filthy Pretty/A&G Records), a glorious slice of their trademark lavish, seductive, pomp-goth tendencies.

“I wrote this song when I was in a bad place in my life,” explains Maya Von Doll.

“I had put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy, suffered from insomnia and anxiety, was out of a record deal and suddenly didn’t have the day job I’d always had. I had handed in my notice at my London office and was interviewing for new roles when lockdown hit.

“I had been feeling for a while that my dreams were over. I didn’t think I could ever find love nor be successful. So I thought, ‘All of my excitement will now have to come from my imagination because it could never happen in real life’. And then I thought about that thought – the power I have always had to retreat into my mind and escape or exist there. I thought it would be great to write lyrics about an invisible person relishing in her power of imagination.”

Otabek Salamov (aka Needshes) produced ‘What Kinda Love’ and Future Cut (Lily Allen, Shakira, Rhianna) helped Maya Von Doll bring out the track’s stomping hook.

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