KAIJU: Is this the best shot from BILLY MAHONIE?

POST-ROCK legends BILLY MAHONIE are preparing to release their first new material in almost a quarter of a century with album, ‘Field of Heads’ due Friday, May 24th (Whistling Sam Projects.)

And new single ‘Kaiju’ – along with accompanying video – offers the music world a wonderful preview of what lies ahead, a song full of trademark energy and melody.

“This one came from a chord progression myself and Gav (Baker) first tried out jamming in 2010,” explained drummer Howard Monk.

“Needless to say, when Hywell (Dinsdale) and Kev (Penney) got their hands on it, it became something no-one ever envisaged. Kev’s great title is, of course, the Japanese name for the subgenre of monster-based science fiction.

“A frenetic riff opens the song and for a counter guitar part only two options remain, play in the minimal gaps, or find an overarching theme. We chose both. Kaiju films influence the additional synths, echoes of those early Japanese movie themes.

“Some people we have played this to have suggested this track is one we should lead with, as it is kind of where we left off. We agree. It rocks pretty hard. And is a bit funky too. What’s not to like?”

Formed in the first wave of British post-rock alongside the likes of Mogwai in the late 90s, Billy Mahonie’s 1999 debut album ‘The Big Dig,’ is considered a classic of the post rock genre, as they crafted intricate music with memorable hooks and melodies, performing it with energy and gusto.

Recorded over two long weekends either side of the Covid 19 lockdowns, the band tracked at ‘The Church’ studios, owned by former collaborator and front of house engineer Paul Epworth, with senior engineer Luke Pickering taking the controls.

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