SEEKING truth where corruption reigns, indie singer-songwriter JAMIE WEBSTER tackles conflict and refugee rights on new single ‘How Do You Sleep At Night’ – with his earnings from the track going to the British Red Cross.

The song is lifted from Webster’s upcoming, third album, ‘10 For The People,’ released February 2nd via Modern Sky UK.

“This is a song about war, which is wrong in any scenario,” he said.

“It’s a plea to stop the killing and help people who’ve been forced to flee their war-torn country and granted refuge elsewhere. It’s also a plea to the governments of the countries who encourage these wars to look at their contrary right-wing policies on immigration, when they are, in fact, part of the reason these people have had to flee in the first place.”

By supporting a humanitarian charity that seeks to carry out life-saving work in countries hit by war and natural disasters, as well as offering assistance to those that have fled as refugees, the singer-songwriter aims to raise both funds and awareness.
“It finally calls to the profiteers of warfare who provide arms and other equipment to both sides of the fence with no moral compass whatsoever as long as they’re surrounded by their walls of money,” he added. “Finally, the question to anyone who contributes in any way to the violence of any modern warfare – how do you sleep at night?”

Connect with Jamie Webster: Jamie Webster (jamiewebstermusic.com)

(Photos (c) John Johnson)

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