(Photograph (c) Richard Duffy-Howard)

WITH the release of the accompanying video to RED GUITARS ‘Good Technology 2023’ 12” single, RGs guitarist John Rowley expanded on the band’s thinking behind the film.

“A number of attempts have been made over the years to make a video for Good Technology, but in every case they were too literal: sing a line, show a clip of that, and so on,” he explained.

“I wanted to break away from that and so decided to include all the references from the song in a single short sequence shown on a TV at the very beginning. The idea then was to shoot a new version of the original video with us standing in the same positions and wearing the same clothes and at some point morph from the old to the new.

“The hard thing was to make the flip work between the old 4/3 low resolution video shot for The Tube, and the new 4K wide format. The original was shot in Midgely’s scrapyard in Hull, and we were lucky to be able to get back in there.

“Around 2000, Hallam Lewis and I had a go at the song, playing with one of the early DAWs and recording a load of new guitar lines and it was a fantastic opportunity to incorporate that material into a new extended end section.

“The original vocal had faded out riffing on the song ‘Eve of Destruction’ by Barry Maguire, and so I constructed a long outro with a pastoral, bucolic feel trying to make a statement about the environment.

Nine minutes and twenty-eight seconds. The perfect three-minute pop song!”

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