IT MAN’s new single, ‘White Heat’ is a joyful, wicked, satirical romp through the fictional psyche of a young, middle-class 20th century couple fantasising about explosives, casual gambling and being Ray Liotta.

And it’s a chaotic, mayhem-fuelled masterpiece.

In a moving tribute, the band also released a statement ahead of the release of their debut single.

“After much thought and consideration, we have decided we will no longer perform or release music as ‘The Jacques.’

“Since the formation of the band eight years ago, our line-up has changed, sometimes amicably but also in ways beyond our control. Four years ago, we lost our best friend and bassist Will. We had just completed our debut album, ‘The Four Five Three,’ after spending our early 20s living and touring together.

“These are precious memories of ours and we are grateful for all of the friendship, support and love we have received over the years. We are currently finishing an album we feel marks a departure from our previous musical direction. It is for that reason that we have agreed to be known by a different name moving forward.

“Thank you all for your continued support, Love, Finn, Elliot, Harry & Dexter, aka, It Man”

AND so it was, born of the ashes of one band who tasted early success touring with The Libertines, playing Glastonbury and SXSW, championed by the BBC and signing with a major label, the story unfolds in a new and thrilling way with the birth of IT MAN as they get ready to dominate UK and European shores with a scheduled series of heavy hitting new wave Britpop n rock releases and a new album later this year. 

Lead singer Finn O’Brien slurs out, “I’m trying, I’m trying not to think about it, cause its only there when I think about it”.

And this, all the while the guitars perform a symbolic sleight of hand manoeuvre busily transporting the listener to some tropical beach, whilst nodding cheekily towards the spectre of neurosis lurking just beneath the consumerist glitz of modern life.

‘White Heat’ was recorded by the legendary producer Gordon Raphael and produced and mixed by Dan Swift.

‘White Heat’ is out now on all platforms via the band’s own label, Sore Records.

Catch ‘It Man’ this month:

LONDON, 18th June, AMP with MENADES

BRIGHTON, 19th June Prince Albert with MENADES

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And if you’re wondering why ‘It Man,’ well, it’s the title of a John Cooper Clarke song which struck a chord with the band…

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