VANCOUVER’S southern soul rockers THE MATINEE today release their fourth studio album, ‘Change of Scene,’ showcasing the band’s transformative journey through honest, heartfelt storytelling and simplistic sonic revelry.

After 15 years of crisscrossing the continent, the band could be forgiven for growing tired of life on the road, endless drives, and sleepless nights, but that clearly isn’t the case.

The Matinee: Bad Addiction (Official video)

“We don’t like to sit still for too long,” said vocalist, Matt Layzell. “You kind of get used to life in motion, and I think I depend on it for the stories that we write about.”

Seizing a break in their touring schedule, the band’s four founding members, Layzell, Matt Rose (guitar, vocals), Geoff Petrie (guitar, vocals), and Peter Lemon (vocals, drums), set off on a wild excursion through the majestic Pacific Northwest, roaming the winding coastal roads in search of inspiration.

(Photo (c) Victoria Black)

An outpouring of melodies and lyrics gradually filled a communal notebook, the songs rehashed in motel rooms each night.

“As soon as we crossed the border and realized we didn’t have a schedule, no real destination, we just started bonding in a way that I think we had forgotten about,” added Rose. “There was no pressure to be anywhere at any particular time, and I think that allowed us to soak in the experience a little more deeply and remember what it’s like to be four lifelong friends.”

For their latest album, the group elected to work with Nashville’s Steve Dawson (Matt Andersen, Old Man Luedecke, Birds of Chicago), breaking with tradition, recording the songs live off the floor. The result being nine new tracks that showcase the band at their best – listening to their inner storyteller and relaying human moments garnered from collective experiences.

The band have tasted success in the Americas, supporting Arkells, Corb Lund and The Sheepdogs, and with three members of The Matinee having British mothers, venturing into Europe and the United Kingdom is something group are more than ready for.

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