Following the footsteps of Birkin and Hardy: Line Beauclair’s ‘SOFT’ out now

BORN in the north of France from a French mother and an American father, singer-songwriter LINE BEAUCLAIR crafts music influenced by both countries.

And the release of today’s single, ‘Soft,’ allows Beauclair to showcase her sultry vocals, clearly inspired by ‘60s French icons Jane Birkin and Françoise Hardy.

“Growing up I was surrounded by ‘60s French music and was heavily influenced by their ability to craft intelligent songs with deeper meaning, all while creating a magnetic vibe and atmosphere,” she explained.

“It really helped me integrate the idea that lyrics do not need to sacrifice melody or energy. I was able to understand that further thanks to American artists like Lana Del Rey or Taylor Swift, that are able to brilliantly combine both to create true pop anthems.

“I think ‘Soft’ captures the universal feeling letting go and being truly ourselves with another person, something that becomes harder every day in a society where appearances carry such weight.”

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