EMMI IIDA: Crisp, dreamy, trippy, chillpop.

FINLAND’S EMMI IIDA has just released her dreamy, 14-track debut album, ‘The Eye,’ via EFG Records.

The sonic tale is vibrantly told. Crisp, reverberant, trippy production that defies genres glues the project together, each track’s mood and energy distinct with ample flavour and variety. From the downtempo trippy chillhop of ‘Higher Self’ to the pulsing, sultry spoken word vocals of ‘Trinity’ to the avant-pop anthem focus track ‘Our Love’, featuring tender rap verses and vocals from Bryce Green, ‘The Eye’ offers the listener a deeply spiritual experience.

“Making this album has been a healing journey for me,” said Iida. “Losing a baby girl four years ago to divorcing last year, being a channel for these songs has helped me navigate life and alchemizing these setbacks into something beautiful and finding hope, happiness and that overpouring flow of love.”

The album follows the release of four of its singles: ‘Blooming,’ ‘Energy Guru,’ ‘Trinity,’ and ‘Higher Self,’ over the past five months.

The songs were written by EMMI and co-written and produced by Jessica Sharman. The album was mixed and mastered by Femke Weidema.

For further details, visit EMMI IIDA (emmiida.world)

(Photo (c) Tabitha Brooke)

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