DUVET DAZE: Indie rock and bedroom pop.

OUT TODAY, ‘Honey’ by DUVET DAZE, a sublime mix of indie rock elements and woozy bedroom pop.

Stemming from many other projects and collaborations, Duvet Daze is the sole baby of Bristol-based singer/songwriter Mia Eagle and came to life during the midst of the first lockdown with influences drawn from Wolf Alice, The Strokes, Slow Pulp and Men I Trust.

“My hope for the single is for people to hopefully play it and like it as much as I had fun making it, but I also feel and hope that once ‘Honey’ is out, it will really help shape the style I’m trying to go for with Duvet Daze,” explained Mia.

“When I started off Duvet Daze, the music I was writing was a dream pop kind of vibe, however with the new single ‘Honey,’ I have worked in some indie/rock elements which I would like to keep going throughout Duvet Daze.

“I love the way ‘Honey’ turned out and it made me realise even though I will still be writing songs with elements of ‘dream pop,’ I really feel ‘Honey’ has helped me bring the indie/rock side out that I have been wanting to show in my music, and my plans for 2022 are to find a band in Bristol and hopefully start gigging as Duvet Daze, as well as writing and releasing more tunes.”

A struggle for the majority of us, the UK’s series of lockdowns was a particularly difficult time for musicians to endure.

“The worst part of being a musician in 2021, as I’m sure a lot of people can relate to, was lockdown,” added Mia. “A lot of my musical friends found lockdown a time to get creative and push themselves and have more time to write, but unfortunately even though I did start up Duvet Daze in lockdown, I found it really difficult to get motivated and inspired to write new stuff during this time. But I wrote Honey when lockdown lifted and felt a sudden rush of inspiration again, it was a great feeling!

“However, the best is being able to use song writing and performing as an outlet and being able to be vulnerable and honest when doing so. It can be scary, especially when releasing music that is so personal to you, but always rewarding.”

HONEY: released today via Colorama Records and available on digital format.

DUVET DAYS:   @duvetdazemusic 

COLORAMA RECORDS:   @ColoramaRecords

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