OUT today from Deptford’s LOS SANTOS -their six-track debut album ‘El Corazon,’ released via Los Santos Inc Records.

Los Santos comprises Michael G Bayliss, (vocals/bass) and Richard England, (guitar/vocals), both previously with The Saints and The Members, along with their own incarnation, Alcohol.

‘El Corazon’ also features the work of ‘Wonk Unit’s’ Alex Wonk (drums) and X Ray Vez (lead vocals).

Recorded at Cadiz, South London, the album is a blend of high octane, melodic punk rock, with the band proudly wearing their influences – The Ramones, The Stooges, Johnny Thunders, Blondie, Husker Du – on their collective sleeves.

The new single, Bourbon Street, honours the city of New Orleans and Johnny Thunders, the legendary rock icon who sadly passed away in The Big Easy.

Los Santos are currently producing ‘Dream Baby Dream,’ a re-working of the Suicide song and an EP of The Saints songs in tribute to Chris Bailey and Algy Ward, and are looking for new collaborators, singers, guitarists, and keyboard players to record new material, and join the Los Santos for live shows and touring.

Bayliss and England have been now joined by Dealing With Damage and Desperate Measures drummer, James Sherry.

LOS SANTOS online: El Corazon | Los Santos London (

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