DANIEL TIDWELL: Won’t Get Fooled Again

AHEAD of Thursday’s Bandcamp release of ‘Fool Me Twice,’ Daniel Tidwell explains the story behind the intimate, heartfelt, rock and roll ballbreaker.

“I’m not as naive as the narrator I created for the song, but once I was, and in my past I made some pretty bad relationship decisions,” he said.

“A consistent theme existed in all these encounters, and that theme was dishonesty, and that theme would continue until the relationship was mutually terminated.

“I thought of all the months I had wasted in those relationships that weren’t good for either party and thought how exceptional it would be to turn back time and have another go at some bad situations. This time with the stance of not accepting what was a known, or even suspected, lie with forgiveness, but a solid rebuke.

“It was a painful process but cathartic. I’ve been in a wonderful, honest relationship for nearly a decade now and haven’t had to revisit those kinds of emotions in all that time.”

Recorded in his front room in Sylacauga, Alabama, ‘Fool Me Twice’ sees Tidwell moving into unchartered musical territory.

“This is the first song that I’ve released where I have worked with another musician. It started when a friend of mine, Mike Bouchér (@3mindblight), sent me this instrumental and told me he wasn’t going to use it, but wanted me to have a crack at it. That’s not normally what I do but after hearing it, I couldn’t resist the challenge.

“What resulted was a deconstruction of a series of events in my distant past, served up in a dramatized compilation of rage and resolve.”

Tidwell’s earlier recordings – all under the name DanielTidwell14 – are currently available on Spotify.

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FOOL ME TWICE: Bandcamp release October 14th

FOOL ME TWICE: General release October 29th


Daniel T (Lyrics and vocal melody, final production and vocals.) @DanielTidwell14

Michael B. (Composition and instruments.) @3mindblight

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