WEST COUNTRY duo BURR ISLAND – Tom England and Oskar Porter – are back with a glorious ‘60s infused anti-capitalist themed fourth single, ‘Towers.’

“While the poorest communities struggle to grow and thrive, the giant corporate powerhouses continue to churn out record profits,” said England. “The money is there to improve the lives of those in need, but the government continues to cosy up to their big money pals and donors, they do not invest into the country, they invest into themselves.”  

“In our lifetime, we have never experienced a government so detached from the people it claims to serve, their self-serving agendas have made the poorest poorer. Lounging on the top floor of ivory towers, miles above the ground, their capitalistic greed casts dark shadows over the hardworking people below. The flowers cannot grow. As the song alludes to in the final verse, their dereliction of duty and neglect has had some deadly consequences.

“Imagine if money was invested into the collective human spirt, where people could actually afford to live their lives without worrying about their next meal or the price of water or gas, where wealth was distributed more fairly. Imagine a world that prioritises people, love, nature and spiritual growth over objects, wealth, and status. Society often feels like it is upside down where the people in power are the last ones you’d chose to be in that position.”

Recorded at Kundalini Studios in Devon and produced by Steve Cradock (Ocean Colour Scene/Paul Weller/The Specials/P.P. Arnold), ‘Towers’ has a haunting Nick Drake, ‘Pink Moon’ introspective hushedness about it which pulls the listener in, making way for a flower-power drenched upbeat section, reinforcing the track’s vintage protest song ethics.

Catch Burr Island live throughout December:


13/12/23:      The Old Queen’s Head, Islington.


03/12/23:      Bournemouth, 02 Academy

04/12/23:      Bristol, Beacon

07/12/23:      Belfast, Telegraph

08/12/23:      Dublin, Olympia

09/12/23       Dublin, Olympia

11/12/23:      Liverpool University (Mountford Hall)

12/12/23:      Sheffield, 02 Academy

14/12/23       Norwich, UEA

15/12/23:      Wolverhampton, The Halls

16/12/23:      London, Eventim Apollo

18/12/23:      Glasgow, 02 Academy

19/12/23:      Glasgow, 02 Academy

20/12/23:      Newcastle, 02 City Hall

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