HANGZHOU-based Welsh psychedelic-pop maverick BLOKEACOLA today releases his most ambitious project to date, ‘Quasers and Fluff,’ a 30-track double album, released via Bandcamp.

And this time his music isn’t merely 60s tinged, it’s bleached through with his trademark Haight-Ashbury-esque sounds.

“I’m a big fan of the White Album so I guess I’ve always wanted to have a go at making a double album,” he said.

“However, as an artist that has made music in different guises for a good few years now, I only felt ready to begin attempting such a crazy feat during the second half of 2022. I was excited by how trying to write and record this many tracks might affect my creative process. I hoped it would lead to a wider range of material and give me a chance to indulge in more experimentation. The track order has been chosen as if there are four different ‘sides,’ and if you look at the back cover art, you’ll get a sense of this.

“My previous three releases have featured a very cohesive and distinctive drum sound. I didn’t want to abandon this because I love working with a strong groove. Notwithstanding, I wanted more variation sonically, so I decided to write some shorter, more acoustic based songs, either using a drum machine or jettisoning percussion almost completely. I feel this gives the record more staying power, these quieter numbers becoming the fragile threads that hold the fabric of the LP together.

“Making a double album during a time when music consumers are becoming more playlist inclined is questionable – some might assert foolhardy. I felt it apt to reference that internal conflict in, ‘The Planet Doesn’t Have Time For This.’

“We artists often feel self-doubt, thinking, is this really worth my time and everyone else’s? Especially when there are so many options out there for music and the worrying state of the world can make art feel like less of a priority.

“But we must ride out that self-doubt and carry on trusting our instincts. People need real music more than ever because it provides precious solace and escape. It is important to trust the listeners to have the capacity and concentration to engage and absorb the works the songwriter wishes to create.”

PURCHASE ‘Quasers and Fluff’ here: Quasars and Fluff | Blokeacola (

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