WITH influences as diverse as The Style Council, Earth Wind & Fire, Amy Winehouse, Glen Campbell and Roy Keane, Bliss Williams today releases his soulful new single, ‘TEARAWAY.’

Williams manages to update the sound and spirit of Motor City thanks in part to a thumping, driving beat courtesy of Ben Gordelier (Paul Weller/The Moons).

His first memories of music are the tapes in the car played when he was young, a heady mix of classic 60s pop and a healthy dose of Motown, and it’s those sounds, along with a pinch of the Style Council, which are evident in ‘Tearaway.’

“Some of my favourite songs of all time have come from those writers and groups so it’s flattering to hear those comparisons, although I like to think my music sounds like me first and foremost,” he said. “There are lots of different influences in my music which I hope ‘Tearaway’ demonstrates to an extent.”

Involved in music from an early age, Williams always knew music would be his destiny.

“I got a guitar for my 10th birthday, and it immediately became the most important thing in my life well, alongside football maybe. It was only a basic little nylon string, but it meant the world to me. From then on, there was no question that I’d always be playing music. It’s just something I need to do, and I don’t think that will ever change. If I didn’t release music, I’d still be making it.”

While many struggled adapting to the changes brought on by the continuing pandemic, Williams sought ways to turn those difficulties to his advantage.

I released my first two singles in lockdown so I couldn’t really reach people other than online. I’m not generally a fan of social media but having to use it more than I would like to actually made me realise how it can be a great creative platform. For instance, I filmed some grooves and the one-minute limit on Instagram videos was ideal as it gave me a strict framework within which to work. It meant I had to keep things lean and mean, which is rarely a bad thing!”

And finally, a word on those Roy Keane influences.

I come from a family of old-school Yorkshiremen and that’s always been a massive influence in my life in terms of attitude and values. I’m a big fan of Roy Keane’s no-nonsense approach to life. He often talks about doing the simple things well on the pitch – I try to apply this principle to the studio, where it’s often tempting to overthink and overdo things.”

Listen to TEARAWAY here:

Spotify – Tearaway

(Photograph: Courtesy Islington Gazette)

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