AS PARTICLES COLLIDE: The world’s greatest fcuked-up space rock

AS PARTICLES COLLIDE – the solo project of Kyle Breidenfield – have just released new album ‘Within Cells Interlinked Pt.1.’  the follow up to last year’s hugely successful, ‘Fear of Flying.’

And as expected, it’s another glorious, over the top, way, WAY out there slice of the very best, grandiose, fucked-up space rock known to man.

“Within Cells Interlinked Pt.1.” is the first instalment in a multi-layered melodic, hard- hitting sonic storyline that will span two albums in its entirety,” explained Breidenfield.

Production for the new album began while APC were finishing up the final mixing on ‘Fear of Flying,’ and when Breidenfield brought in Brian Lambert to help dial in the mixing and mastering.

“Brian couldn’t have come on board at a better time to help start this epic saga that will be Within Cells Interlinked Pt.1 and Pt.2,” he added. “The growth APC has seen since its humble beginnings in 2018 is hard to wrap our heads around sometimes.

“A huge inspiration for my music would be the Blade Runner movies, and just sci-fi/AI in general.   There are a fair amount of references to Blade Runner and my other favourite sci-fi influences throughout Pt.1. and there will be in Part 2 as well.

“When I got done with ‘Fear of Flying’ the question was, how do we do something more interesting, how do we push everything further, without just doing things to do them? A double album felt cool, but for one it would push the release back quite a bit, and then in today’s fast consumption cycles I think it’s just too much material at one time, so the idea of a double album in two parts clicked. Then, the concept of telling a story start to finish throughout the course felt plausible and really cool.

“The goal was to do all this, yet still have the tracks be consumable one at a time, so if you wanna just check out a track they all work and stand alone, it’s really how deep do you want to go, the more you dig the more there is, but it’s not necessary to enjoy and ‘get’ the music. I have a lot done for ‘Part 2’ already. I’d say expect what you usually do from APC in Part 2, we’ll have some collab’s and I’ll rock as loud as I can.”

APC released their latest video, ‘You Feel Lucky Cyberpunk’ on March 1st, which will be followed by a new video release every two weeks until the entire album is on video and watchable as a whole.

Connect with APC online: As Particles Collide

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