OUT today from the prolific multi-lingual songstress ANNIKA JAYNE, her new single, ‘Peace and Quiet.’

It’s beautiful in its simplicity, and if the art of song making is to merely make the mundane interesting, then ‘Peace & Quiet’ is the only template you’ll ever need.

“I wrote the song spontaneously in September 2019 after a very busy, chaotic, loud day that left me completely overwhelmed,” explains Annika.

“It had been raining all day and I had got wet cycling, later on there was a class party at my son’s school where everyone was chatting and making small talk, something I find extremely difficult.

“Just as we were leaving, my children had one of their moments where they wouldn’t listen, and when we finally got home and the kids were in bed, I wanted nothing more than to have some ‘oven cheese,’ a glass of wine, and watch a film.

“But alas, just as I was taking the cheese out of the oven and carrying it to the table, it tipped over and the cheese landed on the floor! At this point, I was completely devastated and started sobbing and screaming. Of course, it’s ridiculous to scream over cheese, but that was the final straw.

“As I lay on the floor sobbing, a song began to form in my head, and before I knew it, I had written, “This day has been far too loud, I’m gonna need some peace and quiet now…” and within 30 minutes the song was finished. As usual, music and creativity came to the rescue!

“The song is also the second single from my forthcoming album ‘Cats and Coffee Cups,’ an acoustic album – mixed and mastered by Brady Jo – due for release early next year.”

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