OUT today on Cherry Red Records, the new single from THE CIDES, ‘This Being Human.’

“I founded The Cides in Bristol in 2019 as a means of vocalising my anger at the number of people experiencing homelessness,” said band founder, Paul Hayward.

“The Cides’ mission is to raise awareness about the social and environmental injustices we suffer at the hands of a small group of people to whom we have gradually surrendered our power.

“We advocate that communities, where everyone is valued, should have the power to decide on the structures, laws and values to adopt: not have edicts forced on us by some monarchy, oligarchy or the tip of a hierarchical government that does not act in our interests. By definition, being anti these ‘archys’, I am proud to say, makes me an anarchist.

“The Cides is not a fixed lineup. Amazing musicians contribute from around the world but with the core ‘family’ drawn from the UK and France. One thing we all have in common is anger against the corrupt, unelected individuals who sit at the top of a power pyramid we have allowed to be created.”

Words and Music: Paul Hayward
Guitars: Yannick Tournier, Peredur ap Gwynedd and Paul Hayward
Bass: Yannick Tournier
Drums: Regis Maurette
Synths: Arthur ‘the keys dude’
Lead Vocals: Paul Hayward
Backing Vocals: Sandra Bullet and BenZ
Creative support: Alain Hiot & Melina Hubbard
Recorded and mixed: Yannick Tournier at Waiti Studio Toulouse
Mastered: Christophe Chapelle at Sinetracks Mastering
Produced: Paul Hayward
Published: Cherry Red Songs, London

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