AERIAL SALAD tease April’s album with new single – and it’s big business.

A BAND inspired by those huge rock ‘70s rock tunes and sweet sounds of Brazilian-based Samba and soul, Manchester’s AERIAL SALAD today tease their forthcoming ‘R.O.I.’ album with the release of new single, ‘Big Business.’

“It’s all about a growing feeling that money is completely destroying entertainment,” said singer and guitarist, Jamie Munro. “The idea came from a common notion that ‘all films are remakes.’ It’s also inspired by any form of art that is composed or created to serve the purpose only of capital. 
“In the same way that many feel football is all about money, it’s the same in music, film, television. Just about everything in the age we live in is purely for money. The song poses two questions, has it always been this way, and does it have to be like this?”

There’s plenty of talk in music and art of authenticity, truthfulness, and the real deal. Many claim to have it, few do. But Aerial Salad possess it in droves.

This is the band who formed in 2016 with the sole intention of playing legendary punk festival FEST in Gainesville. It didn’t matter that they could barely play, and their appearance was an unmitigated disaster, they had the balls to do it.

They embraced – and cut their teeth – in the DIY punk world, championed by scene kings Wonk Unit, and were poised on the brink of greatness with their epic debut album ‘Dirt Mall’ in February of 2020 and, well, you know what happened next, every band has the same story.

But April’s release – via Venn Records – of ‘R.O.I.’ sees the three-piece making up for lost time, driven forward by pure rock’n’roll swagger while conjuring a late stage, capitalist hellscape through brutalist lyrical narratives.

Pre-order ‘R.O.I.’ HERE:

AERIAL SALAD online: Aerial Salad | Aerial Salad

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