VENDETTA LOVE’s ode to Seattle’s finest

COMBINING elements of Seattle grunge, with the danger of LA’s Sunset Strip, Dublin/Portlaoise four-piece, VENDETTA LOVE have just released ‘GLUE,’ the follow up single to ‘Soothe,’ and the debut single featuring bassist Neil McEvoy on vocals.

“This song came from a little chord progression and riff I had written a few years ago that I had always wanted to do more with, eventually expanding into the mix of sections that form the cohesive mess that it is,” said McEvoy. “Lyrically it touches on a couple different themes like mental health, addiction, and also some dreams, nightmares, I’ve had that stuck in my mind. 

“Both Chris [Craig, guitars] and Shawn [Mullen, guitar/vox] have added so much to the character of the song, weaving melodies and attitude in such wonderful ways. Darren [Flynn] plays a blinder on the drums and really pulls the whole song together.

“We recorded it in Trackmix Studio, Dublin, which is always a pleasure, working with Michael there is always so comfortable and efficient.”

VENDETTA LOVE previously released two, five track EPs in 2021 and 2022, with three singles in 2023.


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