TORPEDOES: ‘Tomorrow’s Mine.’ And it’s a real “fuck you moment.”

PORTSMOUTH-based post-punk, goth rockers TORPEDOES provide a glimpse into their new album ‘Heaven Light Our Guide,’ with the release of lead single, ‘Tomorrow’s Mine.’

“So, in time honoured tradition it’s a break-up song,” explained songwriter Ray ‘Razor’ Fagan (ex ‘Red Letter Day’). “The end of a relationship. It’s that moment, which could happen in a second or take weeks to realise. That bit where it dawns on you that yesterday was ’ours’ but tomorrow is ‘mine’ and it’s all going to be fine, and it’s a ‘fuck you moment’ at the same time. It’s also Torpedoes do disco.  We’ve never done disco, so why not?  After all, flares came back, didn’t they?”

On the band’s fourth album, Fagan gives his take on the troubled world we inhabit, lyrically focusing on largely dark themes ranging from the destruction of the planet, corruption, bereavement and historic tragedies – including a song inspired by a mass suicide in the town of Demmin, northern Germany in May 1945, when hundreds of residents elected to commit suicide rather than face the advancing Russian troops. 

The new work sees the band take their signature sound forward with an emphasis on keyboards, but retaining the spiky guitar driven edge that has served them so well. Think Killing Joke, The Damned, Muse, with a side helping of The Cure – and you get close. But ultimately, they sound like Torpedoes

Heaven’s Light Our Guide’ is released July 5th via Bin Liner Records, and was recorded, produced and mixed at Portsmouth’s Studio One28, with J D Callender of Cranes at the desk.


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