THE MOVEMENT: Aiming For Change

HAVING filled the dancefloors of New York’s world-famous ‘House of Yes’ club, Irish electronic duo PrYmary Colours have just released ‘The Movement,’ a soulful, upbeat track evoking memories of warm Ibiza nights and an infectious driving rhythm reminiscent of the heydays of the ‘90s.

PrYmary Colours consists of Cayisha on vocals & Daz on production who for the past year have been working on their ‘The Movement’ project, aimed squarely at cultivating change in Ireland for minorities and to highlight societal issues in an honest light to help Ireland evolve into a more conscious society.

‘The Movement’ song is one piece of that project. The opening providing a nod to Ireland’s rich, musical heritage, but the remainder is clearly the sound of Ireland’s future. Certain M People influences are clearly audible, but also those of Daft Punk and Inner City.

Written from the perspective of a black Irish woman, the track sees Cayisha telling the story of her journey and the difficulties faced as a black child and black woman growing up in Ireland.

The song is accompanied by a mini documentary called, ‘The Movement: Perspective of A Black Irish Woman.’

Watch ‘The Movement’ official video here:

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