STAR ROVER’S gentle nod to The Durutti Column

FANS of The Durutti Column should check out the self-titled album by Brooklyn’s STAR ROVER, released at the end of last year and produced by Grammy Award–winning American singer songwriter, producer, and guitarist, Jesse Harris.

Consisting of Will Graefe and Jeremy Gustin, Star Rover have managed to produce a cohesive yet eclectic album, melding the energy of their live sets with the depth and fidelity of the studio to create something dynamic, aggressive, nostalgic, and beautiful.

And with the break in performances caused by the pandemic, the duo seized the opportunity to work on their music free of time constraints.

“We went to a small beach house in Long Island with our friend and collaborator Jesse Harris, who produced the record with us,” said Gustin.

“Not trying to over-think or over-arrange it, we let ourselves have a blissful sort of creative week together discovering what this record might be. It seemed to encapsulate elements of what we used to be, what we are, and what we can be.

“We let the record come to us, and working with the amazing engineer, Vira Byramji, we often let the sounds dictate the material just as much as any pre-arranged ideas we brought. You can hear the buzz of insects and waves in the distance. Setting up microphones on the porch, I even played the wood sides of the house with my hands on a song. The whole environment, including the taste of the clam linguine Jesse would make for us, are in these songs”

Through early sessions playing together at Gustin’s Bushwick loft in 2011, Gustin and Graefe bonded over their shared love of John Fahey, as well as the spiky post-rock of Deerhoof and Lightning Bolt. Later that year, they recorded their first record, ‘Western Winds Better Christians,’ a short lo-fi collection of grungy Fahey covers and distorted originals.

The ‘Star Rover’ album is now available across all digital platforms, and can also be ordered at or via Bandcamp.

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