SOON after the release of THE MOONS well received album ‘Pocket Melodies’ the band are back with new single, ‘Stand With Me.’

The song was recorded at Paul Weller’s Black Barn Studios.

The hypnotic chimes of the guitars bring a call to arms of togetherness and devotion. With dreamy verses and hooky choruses, this single shows THE MOONS have plenty more in the bag and a potential new album in the works.

“I came up with the main guitar riff when I was just a kid. It seems to have been going round my head ever since,” said frontman guitarist/songwriter, Andy Crofts.

A 7” vinyl for this single is to be issued but due to huge delays in manufacturing, it will be available at a later date.

“Being part of the Weller band, I am very familiar with the Black barn Studios and honestly think it’s one of the best studios I’ve ever recorded in. The place just feels like home to us,” added Andy.

“When I write songs I seem to go into an unconscious state and tend to always be drawn to subjects of love, devotion or escape and I guess this song is just about that. I wanted to know someone’s got my back.”

THE MOONS are a four-piece outfit formed in 2008 by frontman Andy – now also a permanent member of the Paul Weller band – along with MOONS drummer, Ben Gordelier.

Other Moonies in the band are Chris Watson on guitar and Ben Curtis (formally of The Sand Band) on bass.

STAND WITH ME is released today on Colorama Records.

The Moons – Stand With Me (Lyric Video) – YouTube

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