OUT now via Rare Vitamin Records, the high octane, angry sound of ‘A Working Class Lad’ from Manchester’s THE BATTERY FARM.

It’s a sound that harks back to the angry days of the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s when music had a real voice, a real purpose and retained the power to agitate.

“We’re a gutter punk band,” said the band’s, Ben Corry.

“The song is about the duality and complexity of having grown up in a family that is both working-class and middle-class on either side. It’s about the relative guilt you feel about the middle-class part of your identity versus the endemic pride you feel in the working-class side, exploring whether those two things can bleed into each other and whether, in an individual, those two identities exist in the binary way which they are always judged.

“It also poses the question of who decides your identity and looks at the superficial credentials through which people are pigeonholed, particularly as working-class people. Whose place is it to decide if you’re a phoney based on their assessment of your background and circumstances? Whose place is it to establish your identity and class credentials – whatever that means – but your own?”

‘A Working Class Lad’ is available on all streaming platforms and a limited tape run. The track also comes with a physical, and Bandcamp-only B-side, the wonderfully titled, ‘A Full Pigeon Skeleton Lying at the Side of the Road.’

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