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DREAMY and dark reverie-bound ethereal artist AMMO presents the spellbinding song, ‘A Cold War City,’ released today via California-based Mourning Sun Records. This cavernous offering, just short of five minutes, unfolds like a Lynchian lullaby.

“A Cold War City is an exploration of human memory and its fickle nature,” said AMMO. “We rewrite details of past experience over and over until eventually a fiction replaces our recollection. We are the authors of our own memoirs which are under constant revision.”

Co-produced and recorded with Alex Posell, former Black Flamingo bandmate who also contributes drums and percussion, this single was mixed and mastered by Robert Duncan IV at Mourning Sun Records in Los Angeles.

AMMO’s world is enveloped in several music, photography and film projects. Her band, Brass Box, released their full-length LP ‘The Cathedral’ in 2019, while past music projects have included ‘Black Flamingo,’ ‘Darklands’ and ‘Tête.’ 

A rock and roll photographer, musician and songwriter, AMMO spent her youth ditching school to delve through record store bins and scour the LA music and art scene in hopes of running into like-minds. 

Pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo is a constant in her life. She has produced a feature film, co-founded ‘PLAG Presents,’ a platform for women musicians and the LGBTQ community voices to be heard.


Written and performed by AMMO

Drums and percussion by Alex Posell

Produced by AMMO and Alex Posell

Mixed and mastered by Robert Duncan IV

Released by Mourning Sun Records

Recorded in Los Angeles, CA

Video directed & edited by AMMO

Cinematography by Jenny Baumert

Connect with AMMO
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SILVER HAAR’S ‘It’s Over,’ their follow up single to ‘Lights Out’ the title track from their debut EP is scheduled for release on all streaming sites from 20th December.

‘It’s Over’ will make the first track from the forthcoming debut album, set for release early in 2022, distributed via Deliberator Records

The EP has also been nominated for ‘EP Of The Year’ by Weekender Magazine.

In the four songs that make up the ‘Lights Out’ EP, the recently formed Glasgow outfit aim to capture musically that Scottish, hard to define feeling the Portuguese call ‘Saudade,’ an intense longing for someone or something that is absent, for happiness that has passed or perhaps never even existed.

Maybe it’s the weather.

Formed during the 2020 pandemic by the song writing duo of Tom Brogan (vocals, guitar) and Duncan McCormick (guitar, backing vocals), the group is rounded out Kev McCormick guitar), and Cammy Maxwell, (bass).

The ‘Lights Out’ EP is readily available and can be bought from the band’s Bandcamp site:


OUT TODAY: IRISH multi-instrumental act EHCO have released a remix version of Melbourne-based artist Liza Flume’s track, ‘When We Were Kids.’

Eoin Whitfield, the mastermind behind the single, puts together a downtempo track with layers of synthetic brilliance and creativity, giving Flume’s work a polished and hypnotic makeover that we didn’t know it needed.

‘When We Were Kids’ is layered with pulsating beats and a colourful entourage of synth keys topped off with a bed of entrancing and delicate vocals. With a mix of live instruments infused with electronic elements, the track provides a unique charm and energy characteristic of the EHCO sound.

The Irish act began life as a joint project between renowned producer Eoin Whitfield and vocalist Jessy Lord.  Together they released EHCO’s first EP, ‘OPIA’ to critical acclaim. The two then decided to expand their repertoire of skills and duly became a five-piece outfit. 

The band have since spent time collaborating with local and international artists including Daithi, Liza Flume, Bonniesongs, Arachidonic and Benny Smiles.


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