OUT now from Colwyn Bay’s LA LA LETTES (the brainchild of Chris Triggs) the truly wonderfully diverse, personal, yet original album, ‘Obsession.’

“I wrote the album during late summer, early autumn 2021,” said Triggs.

“I couldn’t stop writing last year, eager to build up the discography. ‘Obsession’ is the fifth album and I approached it by making lists of people I knew whether I liked them or not and wrote a song around them.

“There’s inspiration from a variety of influences, The Velvet Underground and Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd were the major ones. Also, Prince and the psychedelic era of The Beatles took effect, but other artists from the indie world proved influential too.

‘Thee Rakevines’ from South Wales, Anglo Aussie’s ‘Fendahlene’ another, but a big push came from a Mexican shoegaze band called ‘The Margaritas Podridas’ and their self-titled album was played a lot during the sessions of ‘Obsession.’ Their guitarist ‘Esli’ is the lady featured on the album cover, so much was their influence.

“As I said, lyrically, the songs came from lists I made about people, former employers, girlfriends etc, also ‘Kimberley’ is Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud. In fact, all the tracks featured on ‘Obsession’ originally had names of girls that I knew.

“’Man Overboard’ was about my old boss, ‘Melanie,’ an angry track where for someone who I was really fond off, let me down in a big way. How I walk into these relationships is beyond me, I never learn!

“The song ‘Spuler’ is the only song where it’s not about anyone. Well, the lyrical imagery are about how I could best describe a certain girl I knew, from the colours she used to wear and her nature towards things. ‘Spuler’ is like a painting for me, using words as colours, if that makes any sense, it’s a favourite track. I should have made it longer. I guess each song has a certain tone of how I felt about someone.

“Which is why I wonder where I was when it came to the song ‘Landing,’ a variety of people turn up, including Barbarella, but I guess the music of that film was an influence towards the ‘brass’ portion of the song. I always make a joke about that part being the ‘tap dancing’ section. I tried to be as cliché as possible with that section and really ham it up. I was a little distracted with most of the production on Landing, as I fear the vocal suffers as it’s very raw and under produced.

“’Obsession’ I think is the darkest of the five albums I’ve done, from indie, rock, experimental. In hindsight lyrically I thought I was scraping the barrel with ‘Obsession,’ but somehow the effect of the dark lyrics’ paves way to the heavy guitars and psychedelia. It’s a good sounding album for me, although at times, it’s a difficult listen, because of the subject matter of girls I knew.”

Learn More Here: la_lettes – Listen on Spotify, Apple Music – Linktree


NANAIMO-based art-folk artist LAURA KELSEY has just released a ‘double single’ set entitled, ‘Little Winters.’

Kelsey has fronted everything from death metal to blues bands, but now performs as a solo musician.

From May, 2021, Laura Kelsey’s ‘A Foolish Thing.’

“’Little Winters’ is a short acoustic/electric journey through the isolation of winter, exploring how isolation can make you feel or what it can push you to do,” she said.

“’Fog the Mirror’ is a song about grief – preparing for it, experiencing it and accepting it, and where we might go when we leave here.

“The second song, ‘The Cold Makes You,’ is a true story about when I lived next to a frozen lake which moaned and sighed at night, sounds that are reflected in the song. Both songs were produced by Paul Cimolini.” Kelsey performs throughout British Columbia and has recently received a Creative BC grant to assist in the recording her debut EP ‘Hunting Season’ due for release later this year.

Laura Kelsey online: Laura Kelsey Music – Listen on Spotify – Linktree


SCOTLAND’S hip-hop producer supreme ‘Nunny Boy’ has teamed up with Nigerian rapper and songwriter, ‘Erywon,’ to release the powerful new EP, ‘Legitimate.’

Hailing from Lagos, ‘Erywon’ was awarded ‘Best Upcoming Artiste To Watch Out For’ at last year’s Spotlights Music Awards.

The project opens with the title track ‘Legitimate’, with the EP containing a myriad of stories from the deepest of hip-hop’s underground.

The first track with a feature, ‘Bang Bang,’ features Jersey-based rapper ‘Salo’ along with one of the biggest voices from America, ‘Sapphire,’ who not only provides some killer vocals but also spits a heavy 16 bar verse.

‘Hip Hop’ features a guest verse from UK rapper ‘Wurrd Jenkins,’ while ‘Family’ brought ‘Knowgood’ into the mix as guest producer.

‘Get Down’ is the final vocal feature, the track is opened up by Werd(SOS) Sons of Scotland, and ending the EP is the track ‘Memory,’ featuring production by Swedish producer Christian D Sombra.

Support the work of ‘Nunny Boy’ right here: Music | Nunny Boy (bandcamp.com


HEDDLU is the new musical project by Rhodri Daniel, the Ceredigion native and founding member of renowned Welsh band, Estrons.

And his new single ‘Auto-Da-Fa,’ released today, will certainly appeal to fans of Chemical Brothers and LCD Soundsystem.

‘Auto-Da-Fé,’ (meaning ‘Act of faith’ in the Spanish language), is named after the trial that heretics and apostates faced during the Spanish inquisition, before being condemned. Sung from the dual perspectives of a judgemental inquisitor, and the artist himself, the song conveys a sorrowful and tumultuous scene, echoing how we continually put ourselves on trial for the things we have done.

After finishing Estrons in 2019, Rhodri became aware his hearing was severely damaged. Years of touring the live circuit had taken their toll, Rhodri ultimately being diagnosed with hearing loss, tinnitus and severe sensitivity to noise. The effects were so acute, Rhodri was unable to be in the same room as other people, leave the house or play music for almost a year.

A chance encounter with a retired record producer, who’s old forgotten studio on the slopes of the Cambrian Mountains was filled with antique synthesisers, inspired Rhodri to consider music once again.

Advised to get outdoors to aid recovery, he embarked on a three-month hike spanning 900 miles of the entire Welsh coastline, where he conceived the new project and was inspired to write the music in his head, to be recorded upon his return.

Serendipity led Rhodri back to music, and Heddlu was born. Meaning ‘Police’ in Welsh, from the words ‘peace-force’, Heddlu’s music has been true to its’ name, offering a force of peace to the songwriter.

Daw Eto Haul (Official Video), March 2022

heddlu (bandcamp.com)


HELSINKI-based THE BARNABY ENSEMBLE (singer-songwriter Teemu Kokko)  has been making sweet music for nigh on 40 years – and his latest album, ‘Soul Salvation,’ is up there with the very best of his back catalogue.

The album is pure, unashamed, AOR – full of modern, pop rock songs, with credit going to the mixing talents of Adam Whittaker.

“I think my voice, the stories the songs hold and the vibe my music comes with shows something of a maturing man,” said Kokko.

“The album consists of eight songs, including the first single, ‘Picking Up The Pieces.’ The red thread that goes through the album is something of an eye opener – to truly see the magic that surround us every day.

“The has-beens, those I once knew, love, hate and anger. When you really look around, you see a lot past the glitter and glamour, the tough and the rough. I hope people enjoy the album and I can´t wait to release more music in the future.”

‎Barnaby Ensemble Apple Musicissa


PARIS-based musical maverick LEWCA – widely regarded as the artist most likely to break out of the indie quicksand and head towards the untold riches associated with being signed to a major – has had a busy year releasing both the ‘Deconstructivism’ remix EP and his ‘It’s For Charity Mate’ cover EP – with all proceeds from digital sales heading to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.

And today marks the release of his collaboration, ‘Last Orders,’ with Swedish duo, ‘Fire Up The Sun:’

LEWCA: Home | Lewca

FIRE UP THE SUN: Fire Up The Sun (songwhip.com)

* * * * *

TRANSATLANTIC supergroup THE ROUNDLAKES have released the first single from their debut EP, ‘I’ll Take The River,’ which is scheduled for release mid-September.

Featuring Chris James Willows, John Michie and OrangeG, ‘Donkey’s Tail’ is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and Tidal.

CHRIS WILLOWS: Music | Chris James Willows (bandcamp.com)

JOHN MICHIE: Music | The John Michie Collective

ORANGEG: orangeg – Listen on Spotify, Apple Music – Linktree

* * * * *

OUT today, ‘Mirror Neuron Generator,’ the latest album from JOE PEACOCK.

A strong collection of stories as we have come to expect from the Birmingham-based singer songwriter, but musically very different from his previous offerings.

Joe Peacock – Listen on Spotify, Apple Music – Linktree


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