WITHOUT doubt one of the most prolific musicians around, Mike Bouchér has released almost 30 songs within the past month, all under the guise of ‘3Mind Blight.’

3Mind Blight’s ‘Can’t You See’ was one of the indie successes of 2021, the powerful rock epic receiving plaudits from far and wide.

But is there a danger, with such a prodigious output, we’re on the slippery slope towards the world of ‘quantity over quality?’

“Considering they were all different genres and styles, it really didn’t oversaturate,” said Bouchér.

“When I release songs none of them sound like the other in any way, so it is almost like a new band for each song.  The first twenty were a collection – all different from hip-hop to acoustic to orchestral, soundtrack instrumental for film and TV.

“And the rest of the singles were metal, pop, rap, and ‘alternative rock’ is what the latest one is. ‘Love Sick’ was released on July 7th. Maybe a little crazy to do, but I always do things differently.”

“I am still producing music for others as well, but I have been focusing on doing music for my 3Mind Blight brand. I am also in the process of working on another hybrid track if I can ever get the guitar parts down, but I keep replaying them.”

And there are expansive future plans for Bouchér, with his sights also set firmly on areas outside music.

“Eventually I hope to expand into all areas of design, media, and production,” he added. “But for now, I am still growing as an artist before I make it a complete brand. But yes. I want ‘3Mind Blight’ to be a household name. Designs, clothing, music, media, books and movies.

“I am also ‘DeadEyeChokeHold,’ a full-on rock band, but I focus more on 3Mind Blight as I have excelled in that area.”

WEBSITE: 3Mind Blight


EOGHAN MOYLAN is back with an uplifting new single, ‘All I Want Is Money.’

It’s a song all about losing who you are to greed, with the idea coming via an afternoon his family spent watching old videos his father had taken of them playing in his grandfather’s field. 

“While watching I kept having the same persistent thought,” said Moylan.

“‘Where did that carefree version of me go?’ For a few days afterwards it was all I could think about. So, I decided to write this song. It’s about gradually having the magic and wonder of childhood replaced with cold, heartless greed.

“It’s about trying to be honest, for me. I’ve tried to be as honest about my own feelings of greed as much as I can, as well as pull inspiration from those whose greed has been a little more glamorous than mine!”

Only two songs into his career, and the Galwayman has already shown a flair for intelligent, popular songwriting. 

Moylan was born and raised in Connemara and spent most of his early life surrounded by traditional music and dance. He moved from impromptu sessions with family and friends in his grandmother’s kitchen, to learning the piano on his older sister’s broken old keyboard – and he hasn’t looked back since.

His debut single, ‘Dark Disco’, was released in April 2022.

WEBSITE: Eoghan Moylan


OUT now from UK hip-hop artist Blaktrix, his new, flowing single, ‘Shoey, featuring Sonnyjim.

With over 15 years of releases under his belt on acclaimed labels such as Cardiff’s ‘Associated Minds,’ ‘Dial Up Records,’ ‘Ruztik Records’ and ‘B-line Recordings,’ Blaktrix is already a name worthily cemented in the rich history of UK hip-hop.

The brand-new track was produced by A.H. Fly and is the first Blaktrix release of 2022 following in the wake of acclaimed single, ‘5 Euro Shades’ and the ‘Dumb’ EP.

‘Shoey’ also features Birmingham’s Sonnyjim, an exciting rapper who has worked with producers, Jehst, Verbz, Confucius MC, and recorded an EP in the US with ‘Buckwild.’

‘Shoey’ is released digitally via ‘Village Live & Direct Single Series,’ and was Mastered by Rola @ Khameleon Sounds.



LONDON-based producer/songwriter Charles Connolly has collaborated with Yorkshire’s Wilko Wilkes to bring us, ‘This Is How the Story Begins.’

But I’d be far happier if I knew how the story ends.

Connolly’s tenth original release – and first collab – is a bewildering mixture of genres delivered at breakneck speed, and it’s all the worse for it. Similar to his ‘Europe in The Summertime’ song, but not a patch on ‘To See my Lover Again,’ or ‘Panties,’ which I suggest you listen to on Connolly’s website (link below).

LEARN MORE HERE: Songwriter Producer | Charles Connolly (charlesconnollymusic.com)


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