TOP BILLING on this week’s roundup goes to THE SPACE SHARKS, a hard rock/psychedelic band, based out of Boston Massachusetts and Baltimore Maryland, USA.

High school friends Lonnie Richard (vocals, guitar, bass), Michael Martino (drums & percussion) and Brian Harrigan (backing vocals), formed the band in 2010, releasing debut album, ‘The Space Sharks,’ a year later.

‘Love Bomb,’ followed in 2017 with the EP, ‘Space Songs, seeing the light of day in 2020.

“Our new EP is nearly complete and will be released in August 2022,” said Richard.

“We record everything ourselves and almost always use the first or second take to capture that live feel, it’s when those moments of spontaneity happen, and everything sounds and feels fresh. We’ve always had a blast making the music, and we hope everyone can hear that energy as they listen.”

Learn more about THE SPACE SHARKS:

The Space Sharks – Topic – YouTube

The Space Sharks (@TheSpaceSharks) / Twitter


CIRCLE RED – the solo project of Paul Wilson – have just released a new mini-album, ‘The Plain Nut Sweet,’ a modern reworking of the Holst classic combining elements of drum and bass, progressive rock, and full-on metal.

I initially listened in bewilderment, but soon began to appreciate how adventurous – and worthy – the project is.

A doff of my metaphorical cap to you Sir.

Circle Red (@CircleRed_DNB) / Twitter


FROM the music collective and record label with the uncanny knack of getting thing spot on time after time – LIGHTS AND LINES – comes the album, ‘Letters To Sonny Vol 1.’

“’Letters To Sonny Vol.1,’ is our first charity compilation album, featuring 19 tracks by a variety of independent artists affiliated with the Lights And Lines label,” said label manager, Mike Five.

“This is a very personal release for me as earlier this year my youngest son was diagnosed with epilepsy and I wanted to do something for one of the charities who has helped, and no doubt will help us again in the future, so half of the money raised will go to the registered charity, ‘Young Epilepsy.’

“This compilation is in two parts, going with a similar theme to the ‘New Music Saturday’ podcast with the first half made up of more guitar based music, and the second taking us down the rabbit hole into the less traditional side of the independent music scene.

“Most of the tracks are unreleased, some will never be released elsewhere, and some are very rare demos! Please do check out all the amazing bands who have donated their songs and support the ones you like.”

Get involved with LIGHTS AND LINES today:

Lights And Lines | Record Label | Music Collective (


SERENE, a singer-songwriter operating under the stage name of ‘xs,’ is a creator of bright, breezy, and undeniably cheesy, pop songs.

With a classical background, she spent her early years listening to orchestral music and musicals and received piano lessons and vocal training. As a teenager, she took up singing and drum classes, while at the same time exploring the sounds of jazz, R&B, hip hop, Latin, and electronic dance music.

Her latest single, ‘Summer Love,’ is out now. It won’t set the world on fire. But….

But it’s an inoffensive affair. A song for a sweltering, sun-kissed beach party, a memory of good times. Nothing more, nothing less, and sometimes that’s exactly the type of tune we need in our lives.

XS – Home (


BENJAMIN ADAIR MURPHY’s ‘Old Chords’ six-track EP is now available, produced and recorded in Brooklyn by Israeli American musician Roy Gurel, with additional recording done in Mexico City by Latin-Grammy winning musician Juan Victor Bellisario.

‘Old Chords’ is allegedly a “collection of alt-country and folk-rock songs,” but comes across as a kind of ‘Americana by numbers’ project, devoid of feeling, devoid of finesse, too clinically tidy for its own good.

Move along, there’s nothing to see apart from a collection of old chords. I really need to get out of here.


Benjamin Adair Murphy (@adairmurphy1) / Twitter


AND in keeping with LONDONPEAKY’s tradition of keeping the worst until last, take a listen to the new GLITTERMXXTH single, ‘HIM,’ released today.

If you haven’t clicked, here’s the lowdown.

It’s insipid, it’s monotonous and I’m left to ponder if the lack of pre-release publicity is a clever ploy to keep the song well and truly under the radar.

To all concerned: do not pass go, head instead straight to jail for crimes against music.


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