MUCH has been written about THE BAINES this year – and the release of their latest single, ‘I’m Not Me Mine,’ provides ample evidence the excitement surrounding this young Irish band is fully vindicated.

They’ve produced a sound way beyond their years, it’s polished, but also features an edge that hits you with the force of a previously long-dormant volcano finally allowed to release its anger, its energy, into the wider world.

And the frightening thing? I get the impression they haven’t even begun to break sweat. Which is fantastic news for us, but at the same time, sends a clear warning to their peers – this is a band that will only get better and better.

The group have already established a firm fanbase following the successful release of their first two singles, ‘Like This Forever’ and ‘Bring It Up,’ the latter of which has been championed on social media by former Oasis guitarist, Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs.

“To be honest it meant the world to us to get Bonehead to even listen to our tune,” said The Baines co-founder, Kevin O’Neill.

“For him to enjoy it was even better. We have been huge Oasis fans since our teenage years and for us, their music never grows old. Unfortunately, I read the bad news last week that he has some health difficulties, and we would like to wish him all the very best in his recovery.”

‘Bring It Up’ also caught the attention of the band’s favourite football club, Everton FC.

“With the single ‘Bring It Up.’ we made contact with Everton over the possibility of getting it played at Goodison Park, we were just chancing our arms really, but they replied the next day saying it would be played at halftime in the match against Manchester City,” added O’Neill.

“It was surreal hearing it and loads of Evertonians who follow us on Twitter were brilliant to record it for us. The reaction to it was unreal, I think we got a couple of hundred Evertonians getting in touch after.”

Along with co-songwriter Cormac Sheerin, co-producer and guitarist Alan O’Neill and drummer Shane Gough, The Baines are set to hit the road later this year with offers already received to perform in Liverpool and Manchester.

For further information on The Baines, visit THE BAINES (@thebaines8) / Twitter where they are more than happy to engage with a fanbase they value and appreciate. 


OUT now from alt-pop artist LUIANNA, the highly anticipated debut EP ‘Skia,’ featuring new single, ‘Heroin,’ a dark, brooding slice of ambient pop.

Jasmine Luianna Emslie is a Berlin-based music producer experimenting and creating electronic pop. Hip-hop vocalist or costume-clad cabaret singer on Berlin stages, back in Bristol she had a long creative story with the Invisible Circus.

“’Heroin’ was written about my dad,” she said. “The music was written to feel out and describe the feeling of the lyrics and the story in my life, a gentle start going into noisy chaos.”

LUIANNA was born in London, brought up in South Wales and has spent the past fifteen years between Bristol and Berlin, where the EP was recorded at ‘The Famous Gold Watch’ studio.

Written & Produced: LUIANNA
Co-Production: Ned Stuart Smith & Barney Riley
Mixed: Barney Riley (The Famous Gold Watch) Berlin
Mastering: Francesco Salvadori (The Famous Gold Watch) Berlin


GALWAY native EOGHAN MOYLAN blends heartfelt delivery, witty analogies, and an infectious rhythm on his debut single, ‘Dark Disco.’

The song is about a man who meets a woman to capture the fun, life, and thrills before it’s too late. 

A smooth and easy electric guitar strums beachy chords to Moylan’s tenor to open the song, before being joined by some distorted guitars, and cheerful brass section within the chorus.

“I want to be the best storyteller I can be,” said Moylan.

“I wrote ‘Dark Disco’ while isolated, in my old estate in Galway City, but recorded it a year later out of a spare bedroom, while I had the chance to travel around Granada.”

For his debut, Moylan has created a song which invites listeners to shake off self-imposed chains and say yes to a bit of adventure. His lyricism and music work hand-in-glove; they demonstrate the strength of a new Irish artist who might just have the potential to become the whole package. 

Follow Eoghan Moylan: Website  Instagram  Facebook  Spotify  YouTube


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