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NORTH WALES psychedelic rockers HOLY COVES have just released their latest single, ‘The Hurt Within,’ via ‘Yr Wyddfa Records’.

Lead by Welsh singer-songwriter Scott Marsden, Holy Coves find themselves crossing an unseen threshold on a fresh journey where new psych-hazed material spells an exciting era for the collective.

Through long-time friend and producer David Wrench, ‘Holy Coves’ were put in touch with Texan producer Erik Wofford (The Black Angels / Explosions In The Sky) and have subsequently built a fruitful, working relationship – one where Wofford found himself on mixing and mastering duties.

“The Hurt Within,’ is about being hurt in love,” said Marsden.

“The never-ending scars from it all, they never go away, you just learn to live with them and eventually you move on.

“I’ve worked with Erik a few times now. In 2017 we made the Scars EP which was basically a demo EP for this new record. I’ve become good friends with him and working with him has been a pleasure. He’s a genius.

“He mixed and mastered the record in his studio in Austin, Texas. I gave him complete freedom to do his thing and the record speaks for itself.”


Scott Marsden                    Vocals & Guitar
John Lawrence                   Guitar (Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci)
Owain Ginsberg                 Guitar & Synths (WE//ARE//ANIMAL / Hippies Vs Ghosts)
Jason Hughes                    Bass
Spike T Smith                     Drums (Morrissey / The Damned)

Recorded at Penhesgyn Hall Studio, Menai Bridge, Isle of Anglesey.
Mixed and Mastered at Cacophony Recorders, Austin, Texas USA

BANDCAMP: Holy Coves (bandcamp.com)


A BEAUTIFUL new slice of top-draw shoegaze-dreampop is now available courtesy of New York-based Loops & Loops.

The brainchild of Peter Bogolub – who has been making music for the last 20 years – Loops & Loops are firm LONDONPEAKY favourites and the latest release, ‘No One Left To Blame,’ does not disappoint.

“The song is about the realization that many problems are self-generated,” said Bogolub.

“Choices that are made are done by our own free will. This song explores the concept of being alone while still having problems that were once associated with others. I like the contrast of the existential lyrics against the upbeat melody in the verses. The chorus shifts dramatically to a slower pace to emphasize the realization of the title, ‘No One Left To Blame.’”

“When no one left for you to blame, and all results end the same

Do you think that it’s time for a change? or will loneliness remain?

Sometimes you gotta ask, is this working out?

When all the scapegoats have escaped, will you just accept your fate?

Or is your life yours to shape?

Hope you choose before it’s too late.

Sometimes you gotta ask, is this working out?”

Loops & Loops | Linktree


HAVING previously performed with ‘Batwings,’ ‘Laserchrist’ and ‘Kingfisher,’ London’s CHARLIE GRAY has decided to release his personal back catalogue throughout 2022 – as well continuing to write new material.

“My style varies from singer/songwriter acoustic songs, grungy melodic tunes, heavy riffs with melodic solos and even delving into some electronic material,” he said. “I like to create as much variation as possible in the hope I can give something to everyone.

“The first part of my quest to release my music is a group of songs I wrote in 2015 during a significant part of my life, but they never saw the light. The first track, ‘Pumpkin,’ was released in February. My second single – ‘Pretty in Pink’ – came out earlier this month. It’s a song on the longer side which starts off slow and builds up to a heavier explosion in the chorus.

“I have two other tracks currently released. One being a cover my partner and I recorded on a quiet afternoon. The other is a heavy metal track with my baby daughter providing some vocals.

“The full album is planned to release in mid-April. It will have a total of nine tracks, varying in mood but keeping a consistency throughout. Everything has been recorded at home, mixed and mastered by myself. I am no professional mixer by any means, but I feel the entire DIY process gives the songs a unique feel. 

“I create purely for the love of creating and I hope I can provide something people enjoy at the same time.”

@Charliegraymusic | Linktree


FEATURED here earlier this year, FORWARDMAN’S album, ‘The Brass Bandit Transaction’ has just recorded a phenomenal one million plays on Spotify – and to celebrate the milestone, a new single, ‘Rivers,’ with accompanying video, is out now.

“If we’re talking of digital success, it doesn’t come without hard work,” said Sakari Viitala, the man behind the music.

“You must reach out to plenty of folks, and you need songs that have the potential to touch people. At some point the algorithm starts doing some of the work for you, but before that the amount of work is overwhelming.

“Having reached a million plays on Spotify with an indie record is pretty special to any artist, and it means the people have spoken. And getting people to listen is far more satisfying than any reviews. Not that the reviews haven’t been positive, one even suggesting the record is one of the best power pop albums ever recorded in Finland.

“The recording process was very special to me, not at any stage did I play it safe, surrounding myself with yes men. The first day in the studio I hadn’t even met any of the musicians.

“Lasse Rantanen (bass) Aleksi Hakala (drums) and Magnus Strandvik (lead guitar) all played a huge role in the sound of this album and I’m grateful for their passionate input.

“Jari Kankare, Ville Hoppu, Leo Kylätasku and Niko Kokko all did a great job playing the brass section, and Atte Tynys showed up for the keys and piano parts and I’m yet to meet Ossi Saarikko, who played Hammond in one of the songs, because he played the parts in his home and sent them over.

“None of the musicians were paid for taking part, which makes it even more special to me because it proves there are things in the world that money has nothing to do with.”

For the album’s launch, Viitala hand delivered his albums to record stores in Madrid and has been involved in promotional campaigns in Finland and Spain.

“The whole marketing experience has been a good bit of fun,” he added. “But converting the digital success into LP sales is a fresh challenge to me, and there’s no road map.

“It’s impossible for me to pick stand out tracks from the album, each song is equal for the balance of the record. Choosing a song for the next music video was easier. I had an idea for ‘Rivers’ which I managed to implement and it was filmed in three different continents.”     

Vinyl lovers can now order the album here:


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